Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why does it hard to move on like her did? :(
She seemed so real, tossed my stuff in the bin, deleting me from her life. And influenced from her friends. Mesti ade cakap 'all guy mmg mcm ni pon'. Mesti phrase ni yg buat you tertye tye. Tapi if she can moved on, why cannot i? Its hard. Very hard :(. Entahlah. Rase mcm salah dia dah jadi mcm semua salah aku balik. Returns back to me. Hm. I will do it slowly. Pictures of her in laptop and phone already delete. Dah block accnt dia. Gamba dia... Hmm. Im not ready. Shirt dia, scent dia cawan dia. Hm. Really tertekan. Dgn tk focus mase chemnye :|. Hope Allah bantu aku. I will change. Thats my promise. No more love in studies. No more long distance. Teliti bckground org dlu sblum buat keputusan. Taknk lagi berakhir dgn pain stabbed in my heart. :'(. Hm tapi dia cakap dia love me dia miss me. Tapi kenapa dia sanggup hurt aku. Maybe dia bukan utk aku. Two different worlds collide. Apocalypse.

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