Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot Air Balloon.

      I woke up from my long sleep and I saw I'm in the middle of the plain grassy field with no sign of civilization,no sign of living organisms except for the grass that i've stepped on.A monotonous question play around my booklet of mind on how did i get here?.He decided to take a walk around the field,just checking out the place as he became more confused about the place.It is like the flat earth surfaces with no end of it and just like a tormention to him.Maybe he was dreaming."oh,i forgot to wash up my feet",he insisted.That's why i'm dreaming.

       A shiny object took his attention.Its about a metre of distance.Shockingly its a knife that gave the most scariest thought on how i going to do with it.Weird eh,what a knife doing right here?Is there any people here?"Ah,my mind played me again",he said angrily.Now i know why lunatic people did some crazy thing,the mind control everything though.

      I reminisce about my mother's advices.She once had said that if you found that you were in a dreamland,the best way to return back to real world is by do something that will hurt you...a lot.Then,he took the knife and stabbed himself vigorously.Everything went black.

     A sudden force pulled me down abruptly.Its gravitational force i think.Then i fell down onto a soft grassy soil that reduced the impulsive force.And now i'm talking about physics. I woke up and found out that i was at the first place i woke up just now.Deja' vu it is.And he tried many times to get to the real life if it is just a dream but still it kept repeating itself.

      Then,he decided again to take a walk around the field.As he walked along the field without destination,his eyes rolling wildly all around,its seems to be all green and the sky was dimm'd and shows a thousands pool of misery.Suddenly,out of the blue,a huge shade covered almost a quarter of the field.I ran towards the shade and being a curious man i ever had because curiousity can killed the cat.My mouth was sealed up as my eyes targeted on the hot air balloon that come from nowhere."My mouth is murmuring, the thing get there?.All this thing confused him again and again.

      His train of thought made him to ride the balloon on whatever condition,maybe that is my escape plan.As he climb up the balloon and get into the balloon,he stepped on a book,a red book.Actually its a "How to fly a hot air balloon" book."Haha,this should ease me",he said.He read the instruction and were asked to untie each of the weights that tied around the basket of the hot air balloon.Then,without wasting any time,i went to untie the weights but weirdly the balloon won't bunch a metre,actually it doesnt move at all.The balloon does not floating from what its suppose to be.He confused again.

       He glanced towards an object at the side of the basket.He found out that its a rattle.He checked the rattle and started to recognise it.Suddenly he seaten himself,and said oh,its my baby's rattle.He felt sorry.He still remembered about the accident that he had last few years.The accident killed my baby,my only baby girl.His tears fell down to the rattle.If i had to be a careful person that time,that was never going to be happened.He checked all over the rattle again.He found out that there is a carved wording."Daddy,i forgive you,love your baby girl",the words says.He stood up and decided to threw away the rattle for being a burden to me.As he throw the rattle,the balloon rises.He was shocked.

        I found a bat with my son named on it.I can still remebered how i promised him that i would come to his big game.His tears rolling down again,"oh,James i'm sorry for not being a good father".A father would granted all his promised.What kind of father am I?.The hurricane struck the field,everyone were killed by the nature rages."How could i forgive myself",he said.Almost 30 minutes of reminisce about the past,he stopped to make flood in his eyes.Stood up and he  said," i cannot do this to myself".I must let go of it .I throw the bat away,and the balloon rises more.Then,i discovered that the weights that hold down the balloon was my memories of my past.I need to throw as i released it away to rise up the balloon.I must turn on the new leaves.

         As he threw more things away,his smile is pictured on his face.He started to feel the happiness,the harmony,to feel like a new person.

          I could see the sunlight filtered by the black clouds."I need to see the sun,i need to see the sun",he said.At the meantime,he saw an album near him.He took the album and started to cry and shaking all over again.That is the family album.He scared to open either to throw it away because it is my unforgettable moment i had.After a hours of remembering my happiest moment,he took his courage over his fear.His eyes cannot bear another drop of tears.I holding the album and stared at it,I love you guys so much,how i miss you guys so much,but i cannot make this a burden to me.I cannot make through it all by myself.I dont have the strength to do it.I must have a new life,i must be a new person.Then,he threw away the album and the balloon rises above the black clouds.

            He hope to see the sun and his wish is granted.As he looked onto the sun,his eyes rolled down his face.All of this years i've been trapped between the world and afterlife was because i locked up my memories.I must let go of it.Yeah now i get it,this is not a dream.Its real for a soul.People shouldnt make their past a burden to them.Try to let it go and you'll find a way to become a new person,a new soul.

            Now i'm going to the new life after.The light flooded all around the balloon ,all around my body as i dissapears into the light.Finally,"my heart and my soul could rest in peace from now on",he whispered.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Puasa dekat nak habis dah.Sekejap gila rase die.Now nak raya pulak....ermmm,mercun,hahaha,dah tade faktor untukku maen mercun...tade feel la orang kate.Baju raye warne biru,eventhough it is not my fav...but i think i will suit it into the lists.

And to those yang nak SPM...jangan raya sakan cam gila..spm is around the corner though and to be exacted,at least about 6 minggu lepas cuti raya weih....

Yang dah dapat 10 A's tuh,jangan mimpi korg bole dpt 10a's dlm SPM klau korang dah start relax now.Time and tide waits for no man and woman.So....for my fellow comrads,my companionship of my life,my VVVVIP person of my life...lets step our foot to the pathway of success.May god gives wtv u wanted and hope for it to be granted.