Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Its an attitude that literally 'makan diri sendiri'. But i dont know if i could change it. It makes who i am and every time i starting to change,there must be something or someone that made me jealous again :|. Yup tho you said its was nothin,'just a greet,not bersyg2,tak nak bermusuh',but still its hurts. Maybe you saud hey chill lah,but you didnt feel the same way i did. I hope you'll understand my condition. Yeah,its a burden to get along with a guy like this. For eome reasons i wish i had no feeling so that you can do wtv u want without my feelings gets hurts. Again i'll hope you will understand. Im jealous because i dont want you to go and somehow thats one of the way i can show my<3. But please dont get tired or annoying with me because i dont know what to do if the thing keeps coming in the way as i try to change. Please understands me. :|. Im sorry if somehow this post will makes you feel like 'hahh?'. MLY :)

P/s: Laki mane yang tak jeles tengok girl dia chat balik dgn Ex die. Its normal lah. And mayb u said its was nothing or believe me i had no feelings for him but but but a thing n happen where the string xan get tangle again :). So hahah. Be happy and follow my parent had taught me :)

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