Sunday, September 5, 2010


Puasa dekat nak habis dah.Sekejap gila rase die.Now nak raya pulak....ermmm,mercun,hahaha,dah tade faktor untukku maen mercun...tade feel la orang kate.Baju raye warne biru,eventhough it is not my fav...but i think i will suit it into the lists.

And to those yang nak SPM...jangan raya sakan cam gila..spm is around the corner though and to be exacted,at least about 6 minggu lepas cuti raya weih....

Yang dah dapat 10 A's tuh,jangan mimpi korg bole dpt 10a's dlm SPM klau korang dah start relax now.Time and tide waits for no man and woman.So....for my fellow comrads,my companionship of my life,my VVVVIP person of my life...lets step our foot to the pathway of success.May god gives wtv u wanted and hope for it to be granted.

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