Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this is my first masterpiece.

anything that related to this stories,it is not true,just a story from my heart.
TITLE:Destiny is the bridge to the love one.

Hye,this story started last two years ago.My name is Charles Bellow.Actually i'm from Montana,being transfered to New York because my father asked me to.Mr.Bellow,my father is a manager of mining company,weird to say,i could just heired my father;s company.What a laugh,I still remembered his phrase,"Son,i want you to be independent,in case of that,you need to find your work by yourself".Every single words he told me that moment,makes my life more lifeful.He said,"there will be your uncle's company at NY,try to get from him".Next week I departed from Montana to NY,waving to my homeland.

At that time in NY,Jordan Roark,a daughter of among the wealthiest person in NY,just acting like bunch of silly things.Her attitude doesn't showed her a daughter of the most respected man.Since her fiancee died,Jordan become more like a street person who desperately wanted love that can replaced her love to her fiancee.Wandering all over the night,around the city,drunken all the time.Many people had already knew her attitude.Just a normal routine to the society with the presence of her.Everytime she got drunken,one two step out the liqour store,passed out.But there will be someone that lift her to her tremendous incredible large house.What a hard year that she having?

As Charles Bellow arrive to the airport,took down his luggage,walk out the building,halt a cab."Ermm,can you take me to this address,its my friend's house",he said to the driver.The driver drove him to the address.Braking sound,already arrive there,'just a condominium',he thought."It will be a good start",he said whisperedly as he walked into the lift.Knock the door,number 217,someone open the door.Shrieking sound.Say hye to each other,into the room.Its not a bad condominium,big spaces,comfort to live.That night Charles buy his friend a pizza.They had a good talk,about girls,about job,others men problems.Charles excused himself to stay with his friend for a long time,he guess but until he got a new job.Charles showed the company address,and do some preparation for the interviews.His friend being a good friend,help Charles do almost everything.
They had a good night,Charles's train of thought flew away back to his homeland.

At the next day,get ready for the important day of his life.Walked down the condominium,take a cab to the subway,because roads got traffic.Waiting still at the bench,my eyes focused on a women,maybe at my age,he thought."PAPPPPP,he slap himself,arghhh,just focused on the interviews",he said.Train's horn sounded.Stand and walked to the stand limit.Beside the women, just a glared,seeing the women cried.Shes beautiful.Elegant of her dressing showed her a rich women.But why cried?.Train come closer,Charles see her step fward and foward.The women tried to kill herself,the trains come very fast.With a rush of adrenaline,i pull her hand,put onto my chest,"Are you insane?",Charles said.She stop crying and frantically introduced herself,"My name Jordan Roark and you are?",she said.Charles shocked,just like that,like had no feeling in what happened just now."My name Charles Bellow,are you okay?",Charles said."Called me Charlie",Charlie said.What a weird women, that's how Jordan and Charlie knew each other.

She brought Charlie to her house.Charlie amazed.Her father saw Charlie,and said"who is this man,Jordan?",Jrdan's father said."Heis my friend i just knew",she said.Without any longer waiting her father asked me to get out with a anger tone.Charlie went out the house immediately.She waving to Charlie with a smiley faced like she doesn't care.Beautiful but weird.Till next day,down to the city,regretting himself for missing the interviews.Passby the starbucks coffee,sitting down and get an order.Charlie read the newspaper he just bought.When he lift down his paper,seeing jordan was in front of him,staring."what do you want?",Chrlie said."I juust wanted to apologise behalf on my dad,he always like that,just taking care of me,sometimes it is too much caring,Jordan said.As 2 month charlie knew jordan,charlie become annoyed with Jordan's attitude.Whatever she asked me too,I must do it,cannot refuse it.She certainly destroy my interviews session.Drunken all the time,and lift her to her house,being mocked by her father.It is more like routine to Charlie.But their relation never gets bored.

until one night,Jordan make something that pissed off Charlie.They get seperated for a moment.About two three hours,Jordan forcely asked Charlie to come to the harbour that instant.Charlie was a nice guy,he never refused a women need.He went there.Seeing Jordan sitting down at the edge of the jetty.She apologise again.Then she dealed with Charlie to jump down to the sea.Charlie refused at the first time,but as Jordan turn her body and walked away,a splash of body into the sea.Actually Charlie cannot swim,Charlie doesn't appeared,Jordan then jumped into the sea to save him.
They laughed together,shiveriing cold because of the sea water.One day,"Hey charlie,please come to the restaurant de'chaffeur,i wanted to show you to a men",jordan said."charlie said,arghh,she doing something crazy again."im with a girl too",charlie said try to make jordan jealous.with an hour later,Charlie come to the restaurant."i'm sorry,i'm with a man actually,a shemale",charlie said.Jordan laughed loudly."this is the man i want you to meet",jordan said.In that moment,Charlie felt that Jordan is making fool of me.Jordan wentt to the toilet.Charlie leave a message to the man and walked away the restaurant.As Jordan went back to the desk,she saw no more charlie,and the man said that charlie need to go for some urgent cases."he leave me a message",the man said."it says that how to take good care of you,the way of taking a good care of you",the man said.As she heard all the message,she noticed that charlie was care about her,Jordan touched and cried.She ran away the restaurant,and chased charlie.

As she found charlie,she scream his name.Charlie heard that and turn away.Jordan ran towards him and hug him."i love you Charlie"'Jordan said.The next day,they both promise to write a letter about their feelings about each other."i want you to write better than me",jordan said to charlie.Then they meet under a tree,Jordan marked it as their tree.Jordan put their letter into a bottle and put it under the stone at the roots of the tree.At that moment,Jordan's face become sad.She pulled Charlie hand and went to the subway."You still remember this placed,charlie",jordan said."yes,i do remembered it",charlie said."this the placed we meet and the placed we gonna seperated",jordan said.Charlie shocked.Jordan's tear became to rolling down her faces."but why?",charlie said."Its all explained in that letter that will be only read at this time at this date but at the next year",jordan said.Train come.She asked Charlie to ride it first,she will take the next train she insisted.charlie looks down into her eyes,and hold her hands,and lastly asked,Why do you want this?."i already explained in that letter,wait till next year"jordan said.As charlie ride the train,she turbed away and regretting her life and questioning,Why that charlie so nice to me?tears keep rolling,stared at charlie,see him fade to the darkness of the tunnels,fade to her sight.

Day by days,week by weeks,Charlie cannot stop thinking of her.His friend asked him to just find the replacement.But Charlie taking that hardly,he cannot do that.He fills his time with swimming session,so that when he meet Jordan again he can prove he can swim.Everytimes he wanted to sleep,his mind wandered about her,what happen to her now,is it she more beautiful,is it she misrable like me,he thought.

The year he waiting for is coming.He dressed up smartly,put on new perfumes.And he went to the tree.Waiting for her eagerly.As for sure,she always late.But this time is too late,make me read it first.I pick the envelop and start reading

"Dear charlie,

Hows you year?The things is if I not shown today means that i'm not
healed my memory yet.Actually,you make me refreshing about my died
fiancee.Every single movement,single words make me thinking of him.
I dealed you to jump into the sea,makes me as what i said is just
to make that my fiancee is still with me,still alive.But now things become complicated,I love you so much,but at the same time,makes me thinking i would be doublecrossed his love.Thats why i need to seperated with you,try to healed myself.I must stop thinking abbout him,what gone be by gone.If i not come today,doensnt mean i'm not love u,it is just i'm not healed anymore.

Jordan Roark.

Charlie cried and began to noticed that he wasting his time just to waiting the love that never meant to him.Maybe it is Charlies destiny."I will love her no matter what happened,and i still will make a bridge to my love one.Charlie went out from there with dissapointment.I LOVE YOU JORDAN,screaming inside his heart.It is destiny.It is our destiny.

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